Camp Kanawana Experience

student standing outdoors for a group photo
Students enjoy their camping experience.
Montreal - Thursday, October 26, 2017

Students from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount and John F. Kennedy High School  in St. Michel welcomed fall with an overnight camping experience at YMCA Camp Kanawana. Eleven students from École Secondaire Louis Joseph Papineau’s class d’accueil joined them as well. The students spent two days in the shadow of Mont Saint Sauveur, canoeing in its lakes and hiking in its natural green spaces. The youth learned about modern conservation, nature, and participating in team building activities. “Allowing youth from different and diverse backgrounds and cultures, to experience being in the great outdoors and to be part of nature is a wonderful, nurturing and unique experience that really allows them to be part of something spiritual and profound,” said Spiritual and Community Animator Rocco Speranza.

Students took time to work in groups and plan community based conservation action projects that will be implemented over the year. The camping trip permitted the students to strengthen existing friends while creating new ones, learn about other cultures, share ideas and work on projects aimed at appreciating and conserving nature. A special thank you to the staff from both schools as well as Spiritual and Community Animator Samantha Smith.

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