Shadd Health & Business Centre Celebrates Multiculturalism

Montreal - Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shadd welcomes students from over 50 countries. Principal Joe Cacchione gives students every opportunity to get to know one another and understand their unique cultures. “By celebrating together, tasting different foods, and discovering new cultures, we appreciate and enjoy each other,” shares Mr. Cacchione.

March 21 is the Iranian New Year, called Nowruz (meaning new day). In the same week, the traditional Italian Feast of Saint Joseph (March 19), and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), are celebrated. Shadd’s student body is getting together to embrace all three holidays.

The school’s Iranian students are planning a special lunchtime event. They will wear the costumes of their country, read a poem explaining the meaning of the holiday, and share foods that symbolize the yearly rebirth of the seasons and the country of Iran. Mr.  Cacchione will bring “zeppole” for all, and provide an explanation of why Italians celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph. St. Patrick’s Day will be enjoyed with Vice-Principal Joan MacMillan, who is Scottish.

Celebrations as such are organized by the students because, as Cacchione says, “This is their school. They are the ones who can teach us about their cultures.”

The Chinese New Year was celebrated in February with lion dancing and dumpling tasting.  In March, Shadd students will also begin an intense ping pong competition that will crown a winner after approximately six weeks of battle. The school’s ping pong table is smack in the middle of a very large cafeteria where all students can congregate to cheer on their favorites.

Shadd offers six career and vocational programs that are industry-driven with a high job placement rate, featuring day and evening classes taught by professionals. The passion and expertise of Shadd’s teachers creates a dynamic, modern, and welcoming academic setting. Programs offered are: Assistance in Health Care Facilities, Pharmacy Technical Assistance, Accounting, Secretarial Studies, Starting a Business, and Computer Graphics. The school hosts approximately 1,000 students aged 16 to over 60 throughout the year. Qualifications vary depending on the program in question. High school completion is not a prerequisite.

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