Statement by the EMSB Director General and Deputy Director General

Montreal - Thursday, November 24, 2016

English Montreal School Board Director General Ann Marie Matheson, Deputy Director General Angelo Marino and members of senior management disassociate themselves from allegations made by two commissioners and reported in French and English newspapers in recent days.

In a letter dated November 16, 2016, EMSB Senior Management responded to Chairman Angela Mancini’s e-mail regarding the possibility of holding a retreat between members of governance and management. The purpose for the retreat, among others, would be to discuss respective roles and responsibilities. In their letter, the 12 members of senior management unanimously welcomed a professional development session and shared their areas of concern to be addressed in order to improve the working relationship between governance and management.

Unfortunately, our letter was leaked to the press and was subsequently used as a launch pad for a political smear campaign,” said Director General Ann Marie Matheson. “This was an internal and confidential correspondence between governance and administration and I deplore that it was sent to the media.

Having the senior management’s letter leaked has detracted from its purpose, context and content,” added DDG Marino. “The media frenzy that ensued has unfortunately taken on a life of its own, and has effectively distracted everyone from the real issues.

To set the record straight on behalf of the EMSB Directorate, Ms. Matheson and Mr. Marino make it clear that statements made by Commissioners Julien Feldman and Agostino Cannavino have nothing to do with management’s original letter. For them to suggest that UPAC should investigate the school board or that anyone on the Council - including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman - has done anything to warrant as such an investigation, is irresponsible. Furthermore, to suggest that the EMSB needs to be placed under Ministry trusteeship is disrespectful to both the entire Council and the entire management team and ultimately tarnishes the school board as a whole. As such, “the management team disassociates itself from these allegations,” Ms. Matheson said.

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