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Quebec Education System – No Grade 12

Quebec's education system has four levels:

  • Elementary (K-6)
  • High School (Gr. 7-11 or Sec. I-V)
  • CEGEP (2-3 year programs)
  • University (3-4 years for a BA)

Students in the province of Quebec who intend to pursue post-secondary education must attend CEGEP before enrolling in a Quebec university. CEGEP is an acronym for Collège d'Enseignement Général et Professionnel (General and Vocational College). CEGEP is exclusive to the education system in the province of Quebec.

Quebec students finish high school in grade 11, instead of grade 12. CEGEP then prepares the students for university or to enter a technical profession. Most Quebec undergraduate programs are three years, hence, the total number of years of study from elementary school through a Bachelor's degree is the same as in the rest of North America.

International students wishing to continue their university education outside Quebec must take an additional one year of courses to fulfill the requirements of the university to which they are applying. For example, a student wishing to attend a university in Ontario may complete one year of CEGEP and then apply as a regular applicant who has completed grade 12 in Ontario.

Secondary School Programs

The EMSB high school program consists of Secondary I to V (Grades 7 to 11) and is divided into two cycles: Cycle 1 (Grades 7 and 8), and Cycle II (Grades 9 to 11). Cycle I is the transition for students progressing from elementary school to high school. Cycle II is the preparation for certification. Certain courses in this cycle are compulsory while others are optional.

Secondary I, II, and III have Extended French Programs, which vary from 38% to 72%. In Secondary IV, in addition to a French language course, students may take history in French (Histoire) and in Secondary V, students follow French language courses only.

We also offer an English Core Stream. Students in this program receive their instruction in English with the exception of one course in French as a second language. In many schools it is also possible to take enriched French within the English Core Stream.

Quebec Secondary School/ High School Diploma

If you plan to graduate and receive a Quebec Secondary School Diploma, you must accumulate a total of 54 credits in Sec. IV and V (grade 10 & 11), with at least 20 credits at the Sec. V level. The following is a list of required courses to obtain a High School diploma according to the Quebec Education Plan.

Course Credits Codes
Sec. IV History & Citizenship 4 (585404)
Sec. IV Science & Technology or Applied Science & Technology 4 (555444)
Sec. IV Math 4 (563414 or 565426)
Sec. IV Arts (Visual Art, Dance, Music, and/or Drama ) 2 (668402, 669402, 670402, 672402)
Sec. V Language of instruction (English) 6 (613536)
Sec. V Second language (French) 4 (634504 or 635504)
Sec. V Ethics & Religious Culture or Phys. Ed & Health 2 (ETH 569502, Phys. Ed 543502)                   

Course codes identify the grade level (first digit) as well as the number of credits earned for the course (last digit). For example: Math 414 – Sec IV level course worth 4 credits.

Many CEGEP programs have specific pre-requisites (entrance requirements) such as Math 506, Chemistry, Physics, etc. Please check CEGEP websites to make sure you have the requirements for the program you are interested in. If you have any questions about your credit status, see your Guidance Counselor.


The definition of plagiarism is copying the work of another without proper authorization, or by not crediting the original author. A student guilty of plagiarizing work will usually be given a grade of zero on that piece of work and the guardian/homestay parent will be advised. Each school has its own procedures to deal with plagiarism.

Additional learning tools

Google Translation

  1. Language translation service (95 languages) that instantly translates text and web pages.
  2. Does not provide perfect translation, however, it will assist you in getting a general understanding of the information.

  1. Language (English & French) learning website that includes a learning app.

  1. Learning for English Quebec students.
  2. School will give you your own username and password.
  3. If you have not received access to by the end of September, ask your homeroom teacher where you can get that information.

Student Online Support (S.O.S.) Learn

  1. Available through the Learn Quebec website S.O.S.
  2. Tutoring with real teachers in real time.
  3. Teachers are available during the school year in the evenings.
  4. Teachers are there to help you with homework, and to study for exams.

  1. An educational organization providing world-class education for anyone anywhere.
  2. Produces micro lectures in the form of YouTube videos.