Steps required to become an Agent

There are several steps to complete before becoming an agent. This process may take up to 5 weeks.

Step 1 - Getting Ready to Apply to Become an Agent (preparation of documents)

Before you submit your application, you will need to prepare and include the following documents with your application.

  1. A copy of your resumé (CV)
  2. 2 letters of references
  3. Your enterprise number (NEQ) – (If applicable)

Step 2 - Submitting your Agent Application

All agent applications must be processed through


  • Only agents who have applied through the SEAO website will be considered.
    1. Click on the link for the SEAO website.
    2. Please read the following document (SEAO Process) for instructions on how to;
      • Create an Account
      • Bid on a Tender
      • Submit your application
    3. Download the service agreement and application form to prepare your agent dossier.
    4. Submit your application and additional requested documents electronically or by mail.
      • Electronic applications must be submitted through SEAO
      • By mail to the address stated in the agreement.

Step 3 - Approval of Agent

  • The agent approval process may take up to 6 weeks after the closing date of the tender
  • Once an agent is approved, a communication will be sent by email advising of the agents access information to the myTrueNorth platform
  • Only approved agents will be contacted.

Step 4 - Recruiting International Students for the EMSB

  • Once you have received your account access to myTrueNorth you may start recruiting students for the EMSB International Student Program.
  • You must submit all student applications through the myTrueNorth platform to start the registration process.
  • Ensure you have all the proper documents to complete the application for all students.

All future communications and the distribution of documentation will be processed through the myTrueNorth platform.

***Agents cannot recruit or submit applications for students if they have not been approved as a recruiter for the EMSB International Student Program.***

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the process.