About Honoré Mercier Elementary

Honoré Mercier school was built in 1967 by the St. Leonard School Board to accommodate a growing French speaking population. It was given the name of the last nationalist premier of Quebec, Honoré Mercier. It became an English school within the Jerome Le Royer School Board in 1978. In 1998, Honoré Mercier became part of the English Montreal School Board.

What programs does Honoré Mercier School offer?

Honoré Mercier School is a bilingual school. Thus, from Kindergarten to the end of Cycle III, pupils receive approximately half of their instruction in French, with alternating days of French and English instruction.

Students are taught physical education, art and music by specialists. In addition, Kindergarten pupils receive 170 minutes of Music, Dance and Physical Education per week, taught by a specialist.

At the end of the year, a Kinderfest is organized at which time parents have the opportunity to see and experience for themselves the concepts their children have learned.

Honoré Mercier School holds an annual Science Fair, involving students from grades 1-6. All of our students are winners, however 5 groups go on to present at the Bell Regional Science Fair.

Science and Technology

Honoré Mercier students are passionate about science!

From the start of their elementary school experience, our kindergarten and cycle 1 students are exposed to scientific inquiry through hands on learning.

Cycle 2 and 3 students have the opportunity to explore science and technology in French. It is based on 3 scientific concepts: Living Things, Earth and Space and the Material World.

Science classes equip students with the knowledge they need, in order to inquire about the world that surrounds them. Technology is incorporated throughout our curriculum.

Students continuously attain grand achievements at the Quebec Regional Science Fair.  They consistently return with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal standing for their stellar scientific projects!  We have an exceptional program which encourage our children to excel with facility.

Academic Support


Support is provided by our resource teachers in both French and English to students who are experiencing learning difficulties in a particular area or who are considered to be at-risk learners. Resource may take place within the classroom setting and/or through pull-out model. Students benefiting from resource support have an I.E.P. (individualized educational plan) prepared for them, in order for students to reach their fullest potential at their own pace.


All students and families have access to LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) which provides e-learning resources and academic support, online tutoring and homework help for all grade levels. A username and password is provided by the school to each student.


The After-School Homework Program is available for students who need assistance with homework. Supervision and help is provided by a qualified teacher. This program is available to all our students in grades 1 to 6 free-of-charge for one hour after school.

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