Support services for a healthy student community.

Our schools are not only for academic learning, but for emotional intelligence, health and social growth.  The EMSB offers academic guidance, counselling, physical health and social support through our Student Services Department and with our university, hospital and social services partners.


Spiritual & Community Involvement

The spiritual care and community involvement animator provides services to elementary and secondary students of all faiths and cultural traditions. Each community animator is responsible for the spiritual and communal development of students in a cluster of schools within a region.

Spiritual Care & Community Animation

Nutrition & Food Services

The EMSB aims at promoting health-enhancing attitudes and behaviours among all students by providing an environment encouraging healthy eating habits by ensuring access to nutritious foods through our nutritional support programs.

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The importance of health and social support

The EMSB is always improving and creating new support programs for our students and teachers, our initiatives include violence prevention, education and support. We continue to value our partnerships with registered nurses, dental hygienists and social workers.

Health & Social Services Drug & Violence Prevention

Guidance and counselling for students

The English Montreal School Board cares for the mental health of its students in part through the provision of school psychologists and guidance counsellors. 

Guidance Counselling

Support for our special needs students

Specialized services for our students with autism, learning difficulties or physical disabilities are provided to students who have been evaluated as having need of them.

Specialized Services

How can I get my child evaluated for special needs services?

In order to have the special education needs of a child met, there is an evaluation and referral process. This process depends on whether the child is being newly registered with the EMSB or if they are currently attending an EMSB school. Children can be evaluated for possible learning disabilities, social maladjustments or handicaps.

Evaluation & Referral Process