About Nesbitt Elementary

Within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment, we, the school staff and parents, inspire a love of learning in all children. We are partners dedicated to the development of each child by providing a comprehensive, bilingual curriculum and diversified activities that empower our students and optimize their full potential. At Nesbitt, we seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success and that allows for individual differences and learning styles.
What programs does Nesbitt School offer?
Nesbitt School is one of the few elementary schools offering two programs of instruction: a full French immersion program and a regular English core program.
Extra-curricular programs and activities are an important part of school life for every child.  For many students, extra-curricular activities present an opportunity to practice social skills and to experiment in activities that may represent a career interest. The opportunity to excel in music, arts or sports may make a big difference to a student’s self-esteem.

Some examples of past and present extra-curricular activities include:

PELO (Italian & Spanish classes)
Craft Club
Mad Science
World of Reptiles