About Our Lady of Pompei Elementary

While recognizing and respecting individual differences, our mission at Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School is to educate the whole person, including the spiritual dimension. We are committed to the development of the intellectual, physical and social capabilities of all our students through the creation and maintenance of a learning environment that is safe, healthy, trusting and challenging. We believe that success in this endeavor is the outcome of true partnerships between school and community, school and school board, school and home and especially, teacher and student.

What programs does Our Lady of Pompei School offer?
Our Lady of Pompei provides a Bilingual Education Program from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 6 which offers 50% of English instruction and 50% French instruction.
What are the Extra-Curricular Programs ?
Our Lady of Pompei has an extensive extra-curricular program involving a broad spectrum of activities.
We have something that will pique the interest of every student. Please note that activities and field trips vary from year to year.
Programs at Our Lady of Pompei
Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports
Intramural sports are organized recreational sports within the school and competitions...
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Robotics Icon
The robotics program introduces students to basic programming and hands-on building...
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Technology Concentration Initiative Featuring S.T.E.A.M.
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