About St. Monica Elementary

St. Monica Elementary School is a dynamic environment offering bilingual learning experiences to students from preschool to grade six. Our programs encourage students to celebrate their cultural heritage while building mutual respect and a strong sense of community. Our parent and community volunteers have become an integral part of our school success - their presence and participation in fundraising have made many projects possible. Building relationships and providing academic and personal support is key to the excellent learning opportunities offered by our school staff.

What programs does St Monica offer?
  • Bilingual – Elementary Education Program
    The Bilingual Program offers 50% of English instruction and 50% of French instruction. 
  • Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) Education
    Pre-Kindergarten - This play-based program strives to develop the many dimensions of a growing child
    Kindergarten - Education Programs to lay the social and cognitive groundwork that will prepare children for their future schooling 
  • BASE Daycare Service
    The Before & After-School Enriched Daycare Program - bridge between school and home
  • Strengthening Educational & Emotional Development System (SEEDS)
    The SEEDS classes is a system class that was developed to be an early intervention program for “at risk” students
Why is a bilingual school important for my child?

Learning more than one language at an early age is highly beneficial to your child, especially in modern Quebec society.  Fluency in the French language is critical to your child’s future success, but we cannot ignore the fact that English has emerged as the global language of communications and commerce. St Monica’s bilingual stream offers students the best of both worlds in a caring and nurturing environment designed for your child’s future.  It melds the advantages of French Immersion with the benefits of English core education, giving each student a well-rounded instruction in both languages – a winning environment for their future success and appreciation for languages.

How does St Monica encourage leadership and student well-being?
Staying active at Saint Monica

St. Monica offers your child a variety of activities throughout the year, helping each student develop skills in teamwork and leadership.

  • Interscholastic Sports – Titans Basketball Team
    Students also have the opportunity to represent St. Monica on one or more of our interscholastic sports teams.
  • Intramural Sports
    Intramural activities are a great way for your child to stay active during the school day outside of the classroom.
  • Sports Facilities
    In addition to Saint Monica's own gymnasium and sports equipment, the school has quick access to fantastic sports facilities through the City of Montreal. Whether it's skating at the Doug Harvey Arena, baseball fields and playground equipment in Benny Park or new swimming pools at the NDG Sports Centre, the options are just steps away. 
  • Intergenerational Experiences
    Our students participate in a variety of activities with a nearby senior citizen residence which provides enriching intergenerational experiences and learning. 
  • Green Club
    St Monica’s unique Green Club provides an academic learning experience as well as a hands-on practical application of life skills.  Our Green Club is a community garden that grows plants, sells seedlings and provides produce for families who wish to participate.

The Garden program at St. Monica Elementary School, is a favourite for both students and teachers alike. Listen, as host Mark Bergman speaks with school Principal Silvana Crigna, teachers Carissa Valente & Suzanne Englebretsen, Grade 5 student Camille Corbeil, and Ryan Oxley, B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Projects Facilitator Enjoy!