Royal West Academy

Royal West Academy is an alternative high school with a limited enrollment. Its mission is to provide a structured milieu in which students are committed to academic achievement, bilingualism, computer literacy, an appreciation of the arts, an understanding of social issues and a sense of community responsibilities.
The staff and administration encourage the development of self-discipline, learning and interpersonal skills, a strong sense of responsibility and self-esteem in the students.

What curriculum does RWA offer?

Royal West Academy’s French program offers both immersion and French mother tongue courses. Over 90 percent of RWA students graduate with a Bilingual Certificate. While provision is made for students with varying elementary school backgrounds, parents should note that there is no “English stream”.

To achieve computer literacy, the curriculum includes compulsory computer courses from Secondary I to Secondary III. Classes in other disciplines will utilize computers whenever appropriate.

As well as strong art, drama, and music programs, Royal West boasts an excellent concert and marching band and stages at least two major drama productions every year.

Enriched and accelerated courses exist in specific programs for students who meet the necessary requirements.

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