School Specific Program / Resource

STEP Program

STEP has many functions. It coordinates and provides tutoring during the school day on a per period basis. Students having difficulties can request that the teacher allow them to visit Step during the subject period for individual help. If there is need, a student can visit STEP on a regular basis, coming out of core subjects to focus on difficulties experienced in those specific classes. In these cases, STEP coordinates assistance with the responsible teacher. Supervised by the regular staff, Dawson Social Service Program interns, McGill student teachers, and volunteers from the community all cooperate to support the students using the STEP Program.

STEP also provides a place for enrichment and project based learning. Students wishing to research projects have the use of a small library and a full computer lab on high-speed cable internet. All internet use is screened by both the EMSB filter and the STEP staff.  

STEP is also open to students before school and during lunch hour. Students may eat lunch there and a fridge and two microwaves are available to them. Staff members are always present as students work, surf the net, play, study and hang out in a safe supervised atmosphere. Students who need a sympathetic ear can always find one and all staff members are skilled at conflict resolution. Students having peer problems usually find them easily resolved if they approach the STEP staff.

We maintain a bank of school supplies and students need not hesitate to ask if they are short of anything. There is no charge for supplies as student success is our goal. We also keep a supply of nutritious snacks for those who have missed breakfast or have forgotten their lunch. STEP is always available to parents who have questions regarding any aspect of their son or daughter’s day-to-day life at school.